On our way to visit my family for Thanksgiving, my husband Jan and I took a side trip to Marfa, TX.

Taking the pilgrimage out to Marfa to see Donald Judd’s home and work has been a long dream of ours and we were thrilled to finally get out there to experience it all.  The entire drive out there is like visiting another world – speeding through the Texas hill country, beautiful and empty for as far as the eye can see.  Just trees and brush and light. You drive past a few ranches, but it’s mostly just rolling land and big sky.  The town of Marfa is as small as you might imagine, but there is something about the simplicity of the old Texas town, the vernacular architecture, the contrast with the land that makes it immediately clear why an artist like Judd would want to be there.  We weren’t allowed to take photos on any of the Judd Foundation or Chinati tours, but I tried to capture a little of the feeling with a few of my own snaps from around town.  I highly (highly!) recommend a trip out there, if only to do those tours and see Judd’s home, art and work spaces, as well as the work of his friends and contemporaries that is also installed there.  Because of some freak weather conditions, we were lucky enough to see and experience some spaces that are not on the tour, which was an extra special treat.  You have not lived until you have actually sat on Judd’s chairs at Judd’s dinner table in Judd’s kitchen at the Block.  I’m never gonna get over that. Amazing.

Some of my favorite things to do and see in Marfa – Pizza Foundation, Food Shark and Future Shark (didn’t make it to the after hours Grilled Cheese Parlor, but next time!), Tienda M, Marfa Book Company, Ballroom Marfa, Freda, Frama coffee (and laundromat!), Prada Marfa and Mando’s. And of course all of the tours that Judd Foundation and Chinati Foundation offer.  But that doesn’t even really cover it all. Surprising for a place so tiny.  Next time we will squeeze in a visit to Big Bend, a soak at Chinati Springs and a tour of more of the smaller art galleries in the area.

We stayed at Thunderbird Marfa and would probably do it again. Honestly, it wasn’t as wonderful as Hotel San Jose in Austin (which is one of my favorite hotels of all time), but it has a similar feeling and a great pool.



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  1. JAY says: December 22, 20136:29 pm

    I want to go to Marfa, it seems so interesting!

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